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Grant Giving

The Barnes Fund
  • helps individuals and families who are on low income or in distress
  • provides funding for organisations that help relieve people who are in hardship or distress, with disabilities or unwell – both physically and mentally – and older people
  • supports individuals for educational purposes
  • helps fund organisations that offer education, or recreational and leisure facilities for the wellbeing of the whole Barnes community.
Tell us who you are?

To help us to help you, please click on the box that best describes who you are: This will take you to the relevant page where you will find more information or an application form.

The area of Barnes that the Barnes Fund serves

Do you live in the Barnes Area?

To find out if you live within the benefit area, please click here to view the eligibility map, which broadly corresponds to the SW13 post code. However there are some streets in SW15 and SW14 that come within our boundaries.

An individual on low income in need of financial help

A referral agency supporting an individual in need

An individual wanting to apply for an education grant

A local organisation or charity that supports the people of Barnes