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The Barnes Fund will treat your personal data with great care and according to regulations set out in the GDPR 2018.

You can read The Barnes Fund’s full Privacy Policy HERE

If your interest is the Walsingham Lodge Almshouses or the Berkeley Road Leasehold properties, you can also find the Privacy Policy of the Elm Group, our managing agents HERE



Neither The Barnes Fund / Walsingham Lodge Trust nor Elm Group are providers of care or care services. However, we take the safeguarding of all vulnerable people, and the mitigation of potential risks extremely seriously.

You can read our full Safeguarding Policy HERE



The directors of The Barnes Fund Trustee Ltd, as directors of the Corporate Trustee for Walsingham Lodge Trust and for The Barnes Fund recognise their overall responsibility for responding to any anti-social behaviour at Walsingham Lodge, with their duty of care for both the almshouses and the landlord responsibilities at the leasehold bungalows delegated to a property management company: currently RLHA, a part of Elm Group.

You can read both The Barnes Fund and the ELM group’s Antisocial Behaviour Policies HERE



This policy sets out The Barnes Fund’s approach to managing and responding to:

1. Complaints relating to Grant Making.

2. Complaints related to the Walsingham Lodge almshouses and the leasehold bungalows at Berkeley Road.

You can read the full policy HERE 



The Directors of The Barnes Fund Trustee Ltd, recognise that, in carrying out the purposes of The Barnes Fund and Walsingham Lodge Trust, they can – and in some areas, should – take account of the environment.

This policy aims to address the following:

  1. Our Environmental Vision
  2. The principles we will follow

You can read the full policy HERE


The Barnes Fund Trustee Ltd is corporate Trustee for The Barnes Fund and linked charity, The Walsingham Lodge Trust.  As such, Directors of the Company are required to act at all times in the best interests of both the Company and the two charities.  The Barnes Fund has two employees, whose responsibilities extend across the two charities.  As such, they are expected to act at all times in the best interests of each charity. This policy sets out how conflicts of interest are handled.

You can read the full policy HERE