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Need in Barnes

Barnes – An analysis of needs 2021

The Barnes Fund has produced a report that tells the story of ‘needs’ within our community.

It draws on a wide range of data and on the experiences and knowledge of a diverse sample of local organisations and residents.

In late 2020 we commissioned the agency Rocket Science to undertake the research, and invited a group of Barnes stakeholders to help us steer and oversee the project.

We hope the resulting report, published in June 2021, will act as a resource for the entire community, as well as a tool to help us in The Barnes Fund to maximise the effectiveness of our grant making going forward.

The wide range of specific thoughts put forward, combined with the more over-arching ‘calls to action’, are designed to provide a basis for residents and organisations – including The Barnes Fund – to share ideas and to collaborate on new approaches and ways of working together and of empowering the community, for the benefit of the people of Barnes.



There are two formats of the report:

  • A summary report of 28 pages that provides the reader with a summary of the key findings and a set of calls to action developed by Rocket Science and the Steering Group across a range of areas of focus.

  • A full report that goes into greater detail, with further data, statistics, comment and insight on each topic covered. This format may be of benefit to readers who are keen to dip into areas of specific interest, or to find facts to help with fund-raising etc.



Topics covered in the reports

Input to the report

Data Sources

Local Stakeholders

Trained Peer Researchers

Barnes Residents Interviewed