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Sandeep Singh Education Grant from The Barnes Fund

Grants to individuals for education purposes

We welcome applications for grants for education purposes.

What can you apply for?
  • Tuition fees for further and higher education
  • Maintenance support
  • Educational equipment
  • Travel costs
  • Child care
Are you eligible?

To be eligible, you must

  • Live in the Barnes catchment area. Click the map opposite to check
  • Be able to demonstrate that you have a need for support and have exhausted other funding avenues. Please note, parental income will normally be taken into account where relevant.
Apply for an Education Grant

Click HERE to complete the online application form which you can then submit directly to us.

Please note that you can partially complete a form, save it and return to it later

If you plan to live away from home when you study, you will need to fill in a Student Finance form which you can get from our Executive Director. Grants for students are usually limited to £1,000 maximum. 

Please note that we will not support an application for post-graduate study.

If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Director:

Tel: 07484 146 802
Email: executivedirector@thebarnesfund.org.uk

Successful Applications

When you submit the application form, you will receive an email confirming that the form has been received, along with a copy of the completed form.

Please note that in most cases, we will interview applicants in their homes.

If the grant is to cover course fees we will typically pay the grant directly to the college. However where the grant includes living costs, we will pay this directly to you in termly installments.



The area of Barnes that The Barnes Fund serves

To find out if you are eligible, click the map to see the area we cover

Your data and how we treat it

Our guiding principles regarding information we collect about you:

  • We only collect the data that we need in order to properly assess and respond to your situation
  • We store your data securely so it cannot be accessed by anyone else
  • We anonymise your data before our trustees review it, so they do not know your name or where you live
  • If your situation requires a trustee visit, we will share your personal information, with your permission

You can find out more about our Privacy Policy HERE