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Sue Knutzen in the garden at Holly Lodge Centre

Applications by organisations

The purpose of The Barnes Fund is to support the Community of Barnes. Much of this support comes via other organisation and local charities within the borough that provide support to Barnes residents, especially, but not restricted to, those that support residents with the greatest needs

Is your organisation eligible?

  • Your organisation is likely to be providing one or more of the following to support the needs of the people of Barnes:
    • Support to older people or their carers
    • The relief of those on low income or in financial hardship
    • Relief and support to people who are disabled, or in poor physical or mental health, or their carers
    • facilities for recreation and other leisure pursuits, to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of all Barnes residents
    • Educational facilities and opportunities
  • You do not need to be based in Barnes, but you do need to reach and assist Barnes people
  • Please note that we cannot provide grants for national charities


What can you apply for?

We consider applications for:

  • Core funding and capital revenue grants
  • Grants for specific one-off projects, schemes or equipment

There are two application forms available. Click on the one most appropriate to your application:

  1. Core Funding grant HERE
  2. Specific project grant HERE 
When should you apply?

Applications for organisations are considered by our Grant making committee, representing the board of trustees, at meetings held in February, May, July and October each year. You can apply at any time, but please note that for consideration at a meeting, applications must be received by the 7th January, 6th April, 6th June, 6th September.

Successful applications

While not all applications from organisations are successful, every one is considered that can demonstrate that their activities will benefit residents of the Barnes community.

If you are new to The Barnes Fund, you might find it helpful to read some of our case-studies in the Get Involved page to see the kinds of things that we have funded.

If you have a query, please contact our Executive Director at executivedirector@thebarnesfund.org.uk

or Telephone 07484 146802.


Follow up and reporting after the award of a grant

It is important to us to understand the benefits to the community as a result of the grant that we have made to your organisation. We do not have a standard monitoring form for you to complete, as we would prefer that you give us your own feedback in your own words.

Please include:

  • What the activity or service was
  • Feedback from the Barnes service users about the service/activity

Please also provide the following information:

  • How much did you receive and over what period was it intended to cover? Did you find that this amount was sufficient to meet the need that you specified in your application?
  • How many Barnes residents did it benefit over that period? Was this more or fewer than anticipated?
  • Which groups of Barnes residents (classified by their needs) benefited and how? (max 150 words)
  • What impact did your project have on the people you support? Include outcomes that you have measured
  • How did you publicise your service/project across Barnes? (max 150 words)
  • If you receive a grant again, how do you think you could increase the numbers of Barnes residents who benefit?
The area of Barnes that The Barnes Fund serves

The Barnes Fund caters for the people who live within this area. If your organisation supports people from Barnes, then we welcome grant applications.